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Things will never be the same again... transform or die. Are the key and the opportunity in public-private partnership models?
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All the indications are that cuts in public spending, high deficits and the lack of funding for new projects are set to continue. Change to make government more efficient will be a constant in 2013. Our economy will remain in recession and the recovery of the public sector required to kick off a new era of investment will still be long in coming.

ICT companies need to play a major role in improving efficiency and productivity in this sector and its transformation,
especially in those areas where operating budgets are highest and where there is a greater need to make structural changes. Efficient transformation for Health, Education and Justice needs to be addressed. And it is in these areas where ICT companies have to become key players in the success of this process: transforming our business and value creation models and steering our relationship with the public sector towards public-private partnership projects with an eye to the medium to long term. It will not be easy and entails risk and commitment that can only be undertaken with the capacity to supply these investments with a view to a future return.

Companies in our sector, with a business highly leveraged in the public sector, need to be transformed with the same or even greater speed.

Not only do we need good ideas and the ability to carry them out but we also have to implement them in imaginative ways to minimise these risks, setting up business models such as public-private partnerships that are different from current ones.

Another key, or rather fundamental, factor in the transformation of the ICT sector is the internationalisation of its companies. The ICT sector in Spain has differentiating and high-value capabilities and extremely talented resources, and due to depreciation our companies are becoming increasingly competitive in Europe.

It is essential to expand our business vision outwards, to export our talent to Europe with greater conviction,
adding to the training of our teams if possible and enhancing our knowledge in pan-European projects.

In short, a 2013 full of changes and challenges, but also of opportunities, awaits us. We are a key sector in this transformation. But beware; nothing will ever be the same again.

Transform or die.

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